Colt – Adopted July 2020

Colt – Adopted July 2020

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Meet Colt
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 1- 1.5 Years
Estimated Weight: 32 Pounds

NOTE: Timid- best with a second, more social dog in the home; no young children

UPDATE  12 JUNE 2020 (from foster mom): Colt is a super sweet, cute, shy puppy!  He definitely still has a lot of puppy qualities. When you pet him, he sometimes likes to nibble on your hand instead. Never painful, just silly. He also likes to steal shoes and other various items. The other day I found 5 flip flops in his bed. He is not really destructive of the items he steals, which is good. He is probably just trying to teach me a lesson to be neater and more organized!

He is still really shy and scares easily. Sometimes coming up to me he will do a little snake crawl really low to the ground. He definitely seems braver when his resident beagle brothers are being brave role models. He was making a lot of progress becoming braver but the thunderstorms the other night scared him and set him back a little bit on his progress. We are also struggling with his house training because he does not like to be told “no.” That seems to really scare him and set him back further. So now, we have been sitting outside with him for hours and rewarding him when he goes potty outside, and we don’t go back in until he puppy pees and puppy poops. (if we have the time to do that…)

He likes treats, he is not food aggressive, and he gets nervous if I walk around him while he is eating his meals. He used to finish his meal and then go help the resident beagles finish theirs, but he learned that Beauregard (resident beagle) does not like help finishing his meals!

I am not sure how he does around kids. He does scare easily. Fast movements and loud noises scare him. He is very interested in my cat. He will chase my cat and sniff my cat, but not aggressively, just enough to annoy my cat.

I really like his beagle coloring. He has a brown face with a thin white stripe up his nose and brown legs. He has a nice black saddle and it looks like he is wearing little white boots on his large paws!

Colt is super sweet and would make a family really happy as their forever beagle. He would probably do best in a house that is on the quieter side, with a fenced in yard and probably another dog. He loves to play chase and wrestle and bite the face in the back yard for hours on end. One of his favorite sneak attacks is to run up behind one of the resident beagles and bite them on the back leg and then run away to get them to chase him. He is sweet but shy, so he would need someone with patience to continue to help him gain the confidence he deserves.

UPDATE – 31 MAY 2020: Colt went to a foster home today, so stay tuned as we see how he does living as a house dog.

NEW – 18 MAY 2020: This big beautiful young pup named Colt came to BREW from the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter in Virginia. He is only about 1-1.5 years old, a little shy, but very sweet and seems to just want to romp and play where he feels safe. When we first picked him up, he walked to the car by slinking close to the ground. He traveled quietly but was nervous. Once we were able to get him into the kennel play yard with the other dogs, he came out of his shell a little bit and started doing zoomies and playing with the other dogs. He is shy but very sweet. He is a bigger pup (32 pounds). Colt will probably do best with a quiet family with a back yard where he can romp and play safely as he overcomes some of his timidity. He might do best with another social dog who can show him the ropes. Young children may scare him. We will know more once we get him into a foster home.


  • Name:   Colt
  • Breed:   Beagle Mix
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Young ( 7 months - 2)
  • Size:   Large
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