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Meet Darby
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 7-8 Years

Estimated Weight:  28 Pounds

UPDATE – 20 MAY 2020: Darby is getting much more comfortable living with us! He still gets startled sometimes, but he seems to react less and recover more quickly. Darby needs someone who has experience with timid beagles who will help him feel safe and confident enough to be the goofy, playful boy he is!

He is very playful and enjoys puzzles like his wobble kong and playing games (like learning to sit and lie down) for his dinner. He is eager to please and loooooves attention from people, especially chin rubs and neck scratches. He has the softest ears! He can still be nervous about people moving quickly or leaning over him, but he always comes back for more scratches.

Darby has been doing his business outside comfortably on a leash and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since the first few days. His ideal walk is somewhere quiet and away from loud cars until he gains confidence and has been socialized a bit more. He loves going on the nature trail and sniffing everything! He’s been happy to see other dogs, and has even been playful with some!

UPDATE – 2 MAY 2020 (from foster family): Darby is settling in! He is very sweet and curious and loves sniffing and watching everything through the window. We are working on house training and walking on a leash. He is gentle and polite but gets a little distracted by all the exciting new smells outside. He is eager to please, so I think he will get the hang of things quickly!

Darby has been sleeping quietly through the night in his crate and has been comfortable there when we leave him alone in the apartment and riding in the car. During the day he has enjoyed hanging out on his bed and the couch, chewing on his bones and the occasional bout of zoomies! As he’s gotten more comfortable with us, he’s started to get more cuddly. He’s sometimes startled by the new sights and sounds of our neighbors and apartment living and will bark at whatever has startled him, but he settles down when he realizes it’s not so scary.

UPDATE – 25 APRIL 2020: Great news – Darby is finally in a foster home! Stay tuned as we see how this boy does in a home!

UPDATE – 16 OCTOBER 2019 (from our kennel manager): Darby has now been living at our kennels since May 2019. He has a moderate amount of energy, is very friendly and sweet with people, and good with most dogs. He can be a little alpha to some males, so he might be better as an only dog or with a female.  Darby and Pasha are currently kenneled together and seem to have an understanding.

UPDATE – 25 AUGUST 2019: Darby has now been hanging out at our kennels for a few months and is hoping for a foster home or adopter soon. He is a happy and playful 7-year-old boy! He is very friendly and loves attention from humans. He can be a little choosy with his canine friends, but he is a great boy who just wants a place to call home! Check out the smiles on his new pictures!

UPDATE – 28 MAY 2019: Darby is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption.

NEW – 12 MAY 2019: Darby is a 7-year-old neutered beagle boy who is super sweet, friendly and good with other dogs. He weighs about 32 pounds. He and Peanut were both rescued once, and now need rescuing again because the original rescuer’s living situation suddenly changed. Darby has been tossed around quite a bit and needs a loving home where he can settle in for the rest of his life. He will need training and is not house trained. We don’t know much more. Darby will be available soon for fostering or adoption.


  • Name:   Darby
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Medium
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