Dutchess and Alice (Bonded Pair) – Available Soon

Dutchess and Alice (Bonded Pair) – Available Soon

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Meet Dutchess and Alice (Bonded Pair)
Status: Living at our private kennel
Estimated Age: 7 Years

Estimated Weight: 41 and 37 Pounds

NEW – 14 JULY 2020: These elegant ladies are not the usual BREW rescues. We pulled Dutchess, Alice, and two other hounds from a shelter who was getting ready to euthanize them. We had hoped to find a hound rescue to take the dogs, but we still have Dutchess and Alice. They are two beautiful girls who are very sweet and quiet, but they are bonded to each other and both need some medical care. Alice will be getting a large tumor on her chest removed. Dutchess has a leg issue, possibly a torn ACL that’s an old injury. She may need joint supplements and pain medication for the rest of her life. We hope there is a very special family out there who will give these beautiful girls a chance to live out their lives surrounded by humans who love them.


  • Name:   Dutchess and Alice
  • Breed:   Hound
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Large
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