Fiona – Adopted September 2020

Fiona – Adopted September 2020

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Meet Fiona
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 4 Years

Estimated Weight: 32 Pounds

UPDATE – 6 SEPTEMBER 2020 (from foster mom): Fiona is doing well so far. She had one #1 accident on a bed, but I think it was a miscue on my part (it was early on after her arrival, and I thought she was just circling to get a scope of the place…). She has seemed a bit anxious and nervous since getting here (some panting and shaking), so maybe it is also just all the changes.

So far, Fiona has gotten along well with our Mellie (resident beagle) and has not had any aggression issues at all! Maybe the alpha-concern will develop once Fiona feels more at home, so I will stay vigilant and keep you all posted. In terms of leash walking, Fiona does pull and run/tug back and forth quite a bit, but there are lots of new smells so we’ll see how she settles in. Her forever family will likely need to continue to work with her on this. We can tell she has a TON of energy, and so an active family will likely be the best fit for her!

Her favorite place to sit is right on my feet next to the couch, and she is super adorable in putting her paws on me to crawl into my lap! The TV seems somewhat new/scary, but she really perked up and liked it when she heard birds on it!

Overall. Fiona is a quiet girl (so far) who doesn’t seem to ‘talk’ much, and she has gotten along well with her foster sister. She does tug on her leash to try to smell EVERYTHING, but what else would a good beagle do? She has only been with us for a week, so we’ll see if anything changes as she gets more comfortable in her foster home.

UPDATE – 26 AUGUST 2020: Fiona is now fully vetted. She will be going to a foster home on August 29th where we will be able to learn more about this happy girl!

NEW – 10 AUGUST 2020: Fiona is a beautiful 4-year-old beagle girl who is very friendly with people but can be a little alpha around some dogs, We have occasionally seen some fence aggression, but this may all be due to her being overwhelmed with all of the changes in her life. Fiona was a stray at the Louisa County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown. She will be available for adoption after she is checked out by our vet, which is currently scheduled for 8/26/20.


  • Name:   Fiona
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Large
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