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Meet Fowler
Status: Living at our private kennel
Estimated Age: 6 Years
Estimated Weight: 30 Pounds

Note: Recovering from heartworm treatment – needs reduced activity through October; can be noisy, so probably not good for an apartment.

UPDATE – 19 SEPTEMBER 2020: Fowler joined us at our adoption event today and had a great time! He demonstrated his beautiful beagle voice for everyone and loved all the attention from the many humans who were there. What a nice boy! He got along great with everyone! Fowler was not adopted today and did not go to a foster home, but we are hoping we can at least get him into a foster home soon so we can learn more about how he does as a house dog.

UPDATE – 1 SEPTEMBER 2020: Fowler is a handsome boy who ended up needing heartworm treatment, which he just finished. He is now available for adoption with the understanding that he still needs a couple of months of lower activity as he recovers from his treatment (no long hikes or racing around; walks are fine). Fowler gets along very well with people and other dogs and has a lovely beagle bay that he uses quite often. He can be a little noisy, so he would not be good for an apartment, but he would love a more rural home where he can hang out in the back yard and enjoy the rest of his life with his forever family!

NEW – 2 JUNE 2020: This stocky boy is named Fowler. He came to BREW from the King William County Animal Shelter in Virginia where a woman dropped him off after finding him in her chicken coop. Fowler was a little noisy during the transport to BREW, but he has a beautiful low beagle voice. He is very social with people and does well with male and female dogs. Tracker still needs to be neutered and seen by our vet, but he should be available soon for fostering or adoption.


  • Name:   Fowler
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Large
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