About Me

Meet March
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 6 Years

Estimated Weight: 32 Pounds (needs to put on some weight)

UPDATE – 19 SEPTEMBER 2020: Long-bodied March joined us at our adoption event today and seemed a little overwhelmed with all the attention and activity. She wasn’t adopted, but she stole the heart of one of our foster moms and is now in a foster home where she will get lots of love and personal attention. She is a very sweet girl and just needs to develop more confidence. Stay tuned as we see how she does now that she is in a foster home.

UPDATE – 12 SEPTEMBER 2020: March is now fully vetted and available for adoption. This long and lean girl weighed in at 32 pounds. She might have some Bassett in there somewhere.

NEW – 19 AUGUST 2020: This long-bodied beagle girl is March. She came to BREW as a stray from the Louisa County Animal Shelter in Virgnia, so her history is unknown. She’s sweet and good with other dogs. She will be available after she has been seen by our vet.


  • Name:   March
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Large
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