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Meet Maxx
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 7-8 Years
Estimated Weight: 28 Pounds

NOTE: Prefers to be an only dog. No young children.

UPDATE – 12 AUGUST 2020: Maxx is now living in a foster home, and here is an initial report from his foster mom: Maxx has made himself right at home with us! He seems happy to be living in a house again and is very outgoing and friendly. He loves pets, cuddles and any attention from people! We have been feeding him in his crate and have not had any problems with food aggression (mentioned below as a possible issue). He does love food and treats, and he is still learning how to politely say please and to control his excitement when you have something really delicious. He is comfortable on a leash and is confident walking around even noisy and busy areas, but he is not the biggest fan of seeing other dogs. So far Maxx has been pretty chill during the day and enjoys snoopervising everyone while we work. He has bursts of energy chasing his toys and sniffing all around!

UPDATE – 2 JULY 2020: Maxx has now been living at our kennels for a couple of months and has really mellowed! He is doing great! He is kenneled with another dog and hasn’t been showing any food aggression issues. He will sometimes grumble at other dogs who grumble at him in the play yard, but that is rare. He loves having humans come and give him attention. He longs to be with people! Our kennel manager says he is fairly quiet and low key. He is a very nice boy and deserves to get another chance at a forever home.

NEW – 10 MAY 2020: Maxx came to BREW from the Prince William County Animal Shelter in Virginia. Maxx is a very friendly, happy boy who seems to love people and attention. He rode quietly in his crate during transport. He was given up by his owners due to food aggression (doesn’t like people/dogs around him when he is eating). He can be a little bossy around other dogs, but he would do well as an only dog.


  • Name:   Maxx
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Medium
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