Pennae and P-Nut (Bonded Pair)

Pennae and P-Nut (Bonded Pair)

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Meet Pennea and P-Nut (Bonded Pair)
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 6-7 Years
Estimated Weight: 15-20 Pounds

NOTE: Needs a quiet setting – quiet household and rural neighborhood.

UPDATE – 7 AUGUST 2020 (from foster parents): We live in a semi-rural neighborhood so it’s usually very quiet but there are still a lot of new sounds that the girls are getting used to. They are seeing the world for the first time, since leaving the farm setting they were born and raised on. They are scared of typical neighborhood noises like cars driving by, gates closing, garage doors opening, and construction sounds. We are working on slowly exposing them to these sounds, as much as they can tolerate, but it will be some time before they won’t need special care on walks unless they are in a rural setting. P-Nut may tolerate walking on sidewalks in quiet neighborhoods but Pennae isn’t ready yet. Pennae gets leash walks in our one acre backyard, where she can’t see or hear cars moving. We sometimes take P-Nut on short, solo walks on parts of our property that are closer to the road because she’s able to have some exposure to seeing and hearing moving cars, at closer range. They would not do well in an urban or densely populated suburban setting at this time.

UPDATE – 5 AUGUST 2020 (from foster parents): Pennae and P-Nut are adjusting to their new foster home. Everything is new for them. Even though they’d lived in an outdoor pen, the outdoors is even full of surprising things like toads! By day three, they had already learned a lot of their new routines and were enjoying time to explore the yard. They’re still getting used to the sights and sounds of home living and their new outdoor environment but have already learned all about getting leashed up, going in and out of a sliding glass door, and treats. They’re sweet with each other, comforting and checking in with each other whenever they are experiencing something new or get nervous. They prefer their crate/pen as we slowly introduce other parts of the house to them. They have not had any accidents and are on a regular potty schedule. The girls enjoy getting groomed though we have yet to try a nail trim. They get along well with their foster sister, a chihuahua (though initially surprised such a thing existed!), and cats. Hobbies include tracking wild critters in the yard while leashed up, getting belly rubs & ear massages, stealing the cats’ toy mice, kissing & cuddling each other, and long naps. They are the sweetest of girls and are beginning to trust the humans who provide them care, gently asking for more pets and snuggles whenever there aren’t treats to be had or bunnies to track.

UPDATE – 1 AUGUST 2020: These two sweet girls went off to a foster home today, so stay tuned as we see how they do as house dogs for the first time. P-Nut is still recouping from some surgery (had a fatty tumor – being evaluated, but appears to be benign), but she seems to be doing well and is walking around just fine.

UPDATE – 17 JULY 2020: Our kennel manager said that the girls are getting much more relaxed at the kennels. They dance for their dinner and role over for belly rubs. What a couple of cuties!!

NEW – 14 JULY 2020: Little Pennae and Peanut came to BREW as an owner surrender. Their original owner passed away, and the girls were left on a farm where they were then taken in and cared for by the new property owners. Unfortunately, the family does not have the resources to continue to care for the girls. They have lived together their entire lives – mostly in an outside pen. They are nice little dogs, but they are currently a little neutral toward humans. They don’t seem to seek human attention, but that could change as they warm up to a new family. They seem very sweet and gentle.

Pennae is a little on the timid side. She has been spayed, had a fatty tumor removed, a hernia repaired, and a dental with extractions. She likes to be near P-Nut and will follow her if she gets too far away.  P-Nut is a little less timid and bigger.  She still needs to be seen by our vet. She needs to have a suspicious mammory mass removed and analyzed. She also needs a dental. We want to adopt out these two girls together, so they will be available after P-Nut finishes her vetting.


  • Name:   Pennae and P-Nut
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Small
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