Pismo – Adoption Pending

Pismo – Adoption Pending

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Meet Pismo (Foxhound Puppy)
Status: Fostered
Age: Born 6/25/2020

Estimated Weight: 40-45 Pounds as an adult (the size of his mom – see picture)

UPDATE – 7 SEPTEMBER 2020: Pismo is one of the Beach Puppies who were born  in June (see the original post below). The puppies and their mom are American Foxhounds (we did a DNA test), but BREW took them in to keep them from being euthanized. Two of the four puppies have been adopted, but Pismo is still looking for his forever home. He just went to a new foster home where he is enjoying life with his humans and 3 foster siblings.  Here is a quick note from Pismo’s new foster mom:

Pismo is very sweet, curious, playful and fearless (check out this cute video of our curious boy, Pismo). He’s working on making friends with his foster brother and 2 foster sisters …. this is day 2 in foster so more information to follow!

NEW – 19 AUGUST 2020 (original post for the Beach Puppies): BREW ended up with the Beach Puppies (1 female, 3 males) after rescuing their pregnant mom, along with Dutchess and Alice, when they were all on death row at an over-crowded shelter. The puppies were born on June 25th at their BREW foster home. We did a DNA test on one of the puppies, and it came back 100% American foxhound. We are not sure about the others, but we expect the puppies to grow up to be around 40-50 pounds as adults. The puppies will be ready for their forever homes Labor Day weekend.





  • Name:   Pismo
  • Breed:   Foxhound
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Puppy (6 months or younger)
  • Size:   Large
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