Rambo – Adopted August 2020

Rambo – Adopted August 2020

About Me

Meet Rambo
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 3 Years
Estimated Weight: 32 Pounds

NOTE: Needs an experienced owner with no young children.

UPDATE  1 JULY 2020: Rambo is now in a foster home, so stay tuned as we see how he does being back in a home!

UPDATE – 12 JULY 2020: Rambo is now fully vetted and available. He wasn’t happy about going to the vet when we brought him in to be neutered, so he might need Trazadone or something for future vet visits. Because of this, Rambo should probably go to a home that has some experience with dogs and has no young children.

NEW – 17 JUNE 2020: Hercules and Rambo came to BREW when a child developed allergies to the pups in their prior home.  According to their prior owner, both boys get along with other dogs. They have a high level of energy but will calm down if they get enough exercise. They like people but can be jumpy, so they would need to be closely monitored around young children. The boys came in together, but they seem to be fine when they are separated. Rambo will be available after he is neutered and checked out by our vet.



  • Name:   Rambo
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Large
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