Zoe and Kato (Bonded Pair)

Zoe and Kato (Bonded Pair)

About Me

Meet Zoe and Kato
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 9 Years

Estimated Weight: 32 and 38 Pounds

NEW – 4 OCTOBER 2020: Zoe and Kato came to BREW when they ended up casualties of a divorce. They are big, beautiful, friendly beagles who went to a foster home yesterday and are loving being back in a home with humans who love them. Zoe is a tri-color female, and Kato is a lemon/white male. Here is what their foster mom has to say about them after their first day:

We’ve had them less than 24 hours but they act like they’ve been in our home all along! Within the first few minutes they’d already made friends with their foster sister, a chihuahua, and tried to make friends with the housecats- respecting their space if the cats weren’t interested. They explored our two story house together and were happy to find the squeaky toys and beds that we’d set out for them. They didn’t get on the sofas until we invited them and are now content to nap and cuddle on the sofa with our chihuahua or a cat. Zoe and Kato have good house manners and pay attention to your direction. They are learning not to jump up to see what’s on the counters, where everything is just out of their reach, and respond great to redirection. They are smart and responsive dogs. They both love their walks (check out this video, Zoe and Kato on a walk), waiting patiently to get their harnesses and leashes on. Kato has danced for treats. It’s only the first day and they’ve been through a lot of changes so it’s understandable that they are velcro with us right now. Kato is especially concerned if he can’t immediately find us but we feel he’ll relax once he settles in and learns our routines.

After Zoe and Kato each accepted a deep-clean bubble bath and ear cleaning on their first night, they were very excited to be invited to join us in bed. Zoe immediately snuggled up and started snoring. Kato did so after making sure everything was safe for us. He’s concerned for everyone’s well being while very friendly. They slept with their paws interlaced and snuggled as close to me and each other as they could, snoring in unison. From the instant we met them, they looked right at us with adoring eyes, eager to be friends and see what adventures and cuddles we had in store for them. This brother and sister pair will make incredible lifelong buddies for some very lucky family!


  • Name:   Zoe and Kato
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Large
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