In May 2003 you had a beagle puppy on the website named Freedom. She was a very pretty little puppy with a white stripe between her eyes We drove from NJ to Baltimore to get her. When we drove away from the foster home she cried and cried some more. She cried herself to sleep. When she woke up she was our dog and her name was Kahlua.

Kahlua lives for nearly 17 years and passed away this morning. We are beyond sad. Our children who had Kahlua as their dog for most of their lives are beyond sad as well.

You should know that your dog Freedom, our dog Kahlua was loved every day of her long and happy life. Our lives were enriched infinitely by having her in our lives.

Resulting from our children’s life with Kahlua, our son and daughter in law have a rescue beagle who enriches their lives daily.

You should know that the work that you do is special. These rescue dogs are special and Kahlua knew it every day of her life.

-Marci and Rob

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