30 JUNE 2020:  It is with broken hearts that we say goodbye to beautiful Emmie. Here is a lovely tribute from her mom: Six years ago I went looking for a beagle to adopt. BREW beagle Emily was recommended to me. From the moment I saw her in the foster home, I knew she was perfect.

Emmie was the sweetest beagle. Everywhere we went she made friends. She went everywhere with me. When I taught riding lessons the students would be upset if Emmie wasn’t with me.

Every summer Emmie and I drove to California to visit my family. We traveled a total of 31,000 miles over the years. My parents loved Emmie. My father said he wished Emmie lived closer. One of my favorite pictures is of Emmie and my mother. When my parents passed away just a few months apart Emmie was such a comfort.

Emmie had heart issues for over a year. She did well with medication and was always happy and wagging her tail. Her last day, Emmie asked to go outside and sat in the shade with her kitty friend. Emmie had a very peaceful ending. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Beltsville Animal Hospital for taking such good care of her. We will miss her terribly. As close as we can figure, Emmie was about 14 years old. Never be afraid to adopt an adult dog. Their time with you may not be as long, but you will receive so much love and make so many memories. I will be doing it again.

Emmy3 1

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