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Please read the following before emailing us:

Adoption or fostering: If you are interested in adopting or fostering a beagle, please go to the ADOPT tab and fill out an application, giving as much information as possible about your adoption/foster plans and desires, including specific requirements for a dog you would like to foster/adopt. A BREW representative will contact you to arrange an interview, a home visit, and to arrange meetings with potential beagles to adopt/foster. We are an all volunteer organization, so response time may vary depending on the number of active applications at any given time. We cannot consider an adopter without a submitted application.

Dog in Need: If you are writing to inform us of a dog in need at a shelter, or a dog you have found running loose, please make sure you have provided us with:

  1. As much information as you have about the dog – age, sex, health, temperament, etc.
  2. Report numbers of the ‘found dog’ reports filed with all surrounding shelters. This is VERY important – we cannot accept a stray dog if a reasonable attempt has not been made to find the original owners.
  3. Your location, including city, county, and state
  4. Your contact information and the contact information of the shelter if the beagle is at a shelter
  5. Your ability to assist. Can you bail the dog out? Can you assist with transportation? Can you foster the beagle? The ONLY way that we can respond to requests for assistance is if people like you can help us.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT search through Petfinder and send us links to every beagle you find.

Abused or Neglected Dog: If you are writing about a dog that you know who is being abused or neglected, please contact your local Animal Control facility and the local SPCA or Humane Society. BREW is not able to assist in abuse or neglect cases and cannot take beagles from g circumstances unless they have been surrendered to the proper authorities. Also, BREW cannot pay for any dog. If you manage to get the person with the beagle to give the dog up to you, you must provide us with a signed release form indicating that the person willingly allowed you to take the beagle. That does not mean that we will take the beagle in to our program…but it does allow us to consider him/her. Also, call the local authorities as many times as necessary to get results. Get pictures of the conditions and provide them to the authorities. Persistence pays off.

Giving Up a Dog: If you are writing to ask us to accept a dog you own into the rescue program,please email us with as much information as possible:

  1. Age, name, size, color
  2. Demeanor/temperament
  3. Reason for giving him/her up
  4. Does the dog get along with other dogs? With people? Children?
  5. How long you can keep the beagle
  6. Medical status re: spayed/neutered, shots, heart worm preventative, etc. (e will ask for vet records)
  7. A couple of photos
  8. Location including city, county, and state

We will get back to you with our evaluation forms to help us with our decision. If you are in a situation where the dog has to get out of the house TODAY, it’s likely that you’ll need to take him/her to your local shelter. We are an all-volunteer organization without a facility and cannot usually get a dog on very short notice.

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