Attwell – Adopted October 2020

Attwell – Adopted October 2020

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Meet Attwell
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 9 Years
Estimated Weight: 24 Pounds

Note: Has a thyroid condition (managed with medication); recovered from hernia surgery; takes arthritis medication; prefers to be an only dog.

UPDATE – 27 AUGUST 2020 (from new foster mom): Attie is doing well in his new foster home. He is happy and gets along with everyone. I think he likes being an only dog. He needs some surgery on his right rear paw for what the vet thinks is a cyst. That is scheduled for 3 weeks from now. He sleeps with us every night and gets along with all the neighborhood dogs. He takes his medications very well with his food. He can often be found sleeping on one of the beds (dog or human) around the house.

UPDATE – 16 JULY 2020: Attwell has been with BREW for a long time – since Feb 2019. He has some health issues, which are currently controlled by medication (thyroid and arthritis), but he is a nice boy who just wants to settle down in a home for the rest of his life. His current foster home can not keep him any longer, so we are hoping he will find a new foster home or a permanent home at the Manassas adoption event on July 18th.

UPDATE – 21 JUNE 2020: Attwell continues to settle in nicely and is the gentlest of dogs. His big ears are one of my favorite features and he enjoys having them rubbed. Attie follows me around the house and sees nothing wrong with joining me on my mat for yoga. He’s got the whole downward dog thing down perfectly! We’ve settled into a routine where after his morning walk and breakfast, he joins my other dog, Olivia, in the backyard for a little play time where they zoom around. That gives me a smile every time. His favorite activity though, really is snoozing. I find myself jealous of how comfortable he looks. Attwell is a real sweetheart.

UPDATE – 20 MAY 2020 (from foster mom): Atwell is settling in well. He doesn’t seem to know he’s supposed to be on crate-rest and follows me everywhere around the house. He’s not letting his arthritis slow him down! He loves his crate and is happy to take a nap in there or just hang out. He’s fine with my other dog, Olivia. They walk together and have no issues with food aggression or any other type of conflict. I think they have similar personalities in terms of being low key. Atwell is not a fan of being left alone though. He will howl, scratch, and get very agitated when he can’t see a person.

UPDATE – 27 MAY 2020: Attwell had his hernia surgery and is now in a new foster home. One of our volunteers had the pleasure of hosting Attwell for a few days while he was waiting for his foster home to become available. She decided to take this opportunity to do a short interview with Attwell:

Me: So Attwell, what are you looking for in a forever home?

Attwell: I have been giving this some thought and I would really like a doggy door that has access to a nice backyard. A nice comfy dog bed would be a plus as I LOVE to take lots of naps.

Me: What about other dogs in the house?

Attwell: I like other dogs. I just do not like when they get in my space while I am taking my beauty nap. I need lots of sleep to stay a handsome regal beagle.

Me: what are some of your favorite things.

Attwell: exploring a backyard, taking walks, napping, treats and hanging out.

Me: what are some of your favorite treats.

Attwell: Dog cookies, chicken jerky, untoasted brown sugar pop tarts and peanut butter stuffed pretzel nuggets.

UPDATE – 9 MAY 2020: Attwell is still looking for his furever family! He needs to have hernia surgery, but he will be available again soon.

UPDATE – 15 February 2020: Attwell was able to join us at our adoption event today. He looks great! He has lost weight and looks much younger than his estimated 9 years. He enjoyed being walked on a leash all day and did well with the other dogs. He would occasionally grumble at another dog if he/she got too close, but, overall, Attwell was just a happy, active boy who is still waiting for his furever home.

UPDATE – 11 JANUARY 2020: Attwell is doing great at his foster home! According to his foster mom, Attwell is friendly, quiet, and gets along with the other dogs. He is housebroken with the doggie door. He likes to hang out with his people. To help him lose weight, we are working on his diet and exercise. He takes his thyroid meds with no problem. This has been very easy to manage. He is going in for a vet re-check next week, so we will confirm that he has lost weight. He’s a nice, easy going boy. This boy is ready for a forever home!

UPDATE – 23 DECEMBER 2019: Attwell has been with us for quite a while – almost a year. He is a very independent soul, so he hasn’t gotten a lot of interest, but we are hoping he will find his forever home soon. He is now in a foster home and being treated for a thyroid condition that was recently discovered. He needs his medication twice a day and seems to be doing well. He will be re-checked in January.

UPDATE- 25 AUGUST 2019: Attwell has now been living at our kennels for 6 months. He is a very independent soul who prefers to hang out in his kennel rather than going into the play yard to hang out with the other dogs. He likes attention from humans but doesn’t demand it. He is a little overweight, which slows him down, so he would benefit from a home where his humans bring him for frequent walks. At the last adoption event he attended, he enjoyed walking around on a leash. Attwell is a very nice boy who is quiet and low-key. He can occasionally get grumpy with some dogs. All he needs is a home where his owners recognize that he needs some space of his own and might prefer to live out the rest of his life as a couch potato (although, given the right environment and some weight loss, Attwell may become more energetic).

UPDATE – 18 MAY 2019: It was wonderful having Attwell at our adoption event today! This was his first adoption event, and he did great! Attwell is a very calm, quiet boy who was quite content being walked on a leash. He got a little grumpy with some dogs when he got tired toward the end of the day, but he did well, overall.  If you are looking for a calm, older boy, Attwell may be the perfect boy for you!

NEW – 27 FEBRUARY 2019: Attwell is a 7/8-year-old, 25 pound neutered male beagle who is friendly and good with other dogs. He was a stray at the Green County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so his history is unknown. Attwell is fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption.


Q:  Can you tell me more about a specific dog?  Is s/he good with kids / housetrained / good with cats/ etc?

A:  What we know is in the write up.  Our knowledge about any dog that is not in a foster homes is limited.  Once approved, our adoption coordinators will work with you to match you with the right dog.

Q:  Can I meet a specific dog?

A:  We’re sorry, but you must be an approved adopter to meet our dogs.  Pre-pandemic, dogs could be met at adoption days, but you still had to be approved to adopt from an adoption day.

Q:  How can I adopt a specific dog?

A:  You must submit an adoption application and be approved to adopt.  You can do that under Adopt – you can also learn about the adoption process there..  It will take about two weeks for an adoption coordinator to get in touch with you.  Please keep in mind that dogs that are available now may be adopted in the meantime.  But we are always getting new dogs.   You can see them on our website.

Q:  Can I add another dog to the list on my application?

A:  We don’t hold you to the dogs you listed on your application.  It gives us an idea of what you are looking for.  Plus it will let us know if someone is interested in one of our special needs / hard to place dogs.

Q:  I indicated that I was interested in a specific dog on my application, but I see that s/he has been adopted.  What happened?

A:  We do not hold dogs.  Applicants in the queue before you are being approved and may adopt the dog you are interested in before you are approved.  But we are always getting new dogs in and your adoption coordinator will help you find the perfect match.


  • Name:   Attwell
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Medium
  • Location:   Dumfries, VA
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