Buck – Adopted October 2020

Buck – Adopted October 2020

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Meet Buck
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 4-5 Years
Estimated Weight: 29 Pounds

NOTE: May need another dog for company; no cats.

UPDATE – 8 OCTOBER 2020: If ever anyone deserved to be adopted, it is Buck. With this time in our home, he has settled into a routine and he is able to be easily distracted from barking at the pit bull next door, actually forgetting about her with salmon treats. No doubt he could even be convinced to ignore a cat. He adores peanut butter and he is an excellent exercise companion, hustling all around as his foster mom works to get her heart rate up. Buck loves to walk but he will bark at bicycles and other pedestrians. He is housetrained. If you are regularly at home, Buck would be happy but otherwise a canine companion would help him with separation anxiety. Could you be Buck’s bestie?

UPDATE – 8 SEPTEMBER 2020: We thought Buck had found his forever home, but he was returned when we discovered he didn’t like being alone when his humans had to leave. He is back with his original foster family and doing well. Here is an update from his foster mom:

“The exquisite Buck has made a soft landing return to BREW with additional information about him to share. As an only dog, he has separation anxiety and he becomes anxious when his person leaves the room; he will do best with another dog who is confident. Buck also does not get along with cats. He had no potty accidents other than some initial marking. Buck remains the sweet little guy who will steal your heart. Buck will benefit from patience and understanding that he can be fearful.” Check out this cute video of Buck back in his foster home with his other beagle buddies. Buck

UPDATE – 21 AUGUST 2020 (from foster mom): Wanted: Human with love and patience. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to transform the face of a worried, anxious beagle into a happy and secure boy. Buck has love to spare and is eager to please you. He is a smart little man who taught himself to go up and down stairs like a tapdancer with gum on the bottom of his shoes.

In a new setting, Buck may pant, pace, and whine or whimper. You can calm him down with head and face massages, chew toys, or walks outside. He loves to roll in the grass. Buck will also take his chosen person’s shoes, socks, sweaters or blankets to bed with him, sometimes to chew on or just to nestle with, he might try to take them outside, too. He loves teddy bears and rope chews. Buck loves to play!
Buck has had very few potty accidents in the house, initially he marked. He will do all his business while on a leash. He will sink to the ground if you raise your voice, and that is not necessary as he responds to loving commands.

Buck has a very distinctive bark, like the worst cheerleader on the team of Dismal Swamp, if that place lived down its name. He can get into a pattern of repetitive barking but is redirected with just a little attention. He wants to be with you all the time. Buck will stay in a crate if necessary but not happily. He is not food motivated, and he is a picky eater. Sometimes he will use treats as toys, throwing them up in the air and catching them, then eventually forgetting about them.

Buck gets along very well with the other dogs in the house, sometimes they help to calm him down, but Buck may do well as an only dog, too. Then he can be lucky enough to get ALL your attention.

UPDATE – 15 AUGUST 2020: Buck didn’t find his furever home at today’s adoption event, but he was able to find a foster home! Stay tuned as we learn more about this happy, silly boy!

UPDATE – 6 AUGUST 2020: Buck is now fully vetted and available for adoption! According to our kennel manager, Buck is a silly, happy boy who acts like a puppy! He loves racing around the play yard and doing zoomies with the other dogs. He is a lot of fun!

NEW – 14 JULY 2020: This handsome fellow was found on the side of the road waiting near his beagle companion that had been hit and killed by a car. Buck was most likely a hunting dog who was dumped not too far from the BREW kennels. He is friendly but hasn’t had a lot of handling and can use some human TLC. He does well with other dogs. He has the cutest low, soft bark. Taking pictures was a challenge because he’s a typical beagle and had his nose to the ground. Buck will be available after he is seen by our vet.


Q:  Can you tell me more about a specific dog?  Is s/he good with kids / housetrained / good with cats/ etc?

A:  What we know is in the write up.  Our knowledge about any dog that is not in a foster homes is limited.  Once approved, our adoption coordinators will work with you to match you with the right dog.

Q:  Can I meet a specific dog?

A:  We’re sorry, but you must be an approved adopter to meet our dogs.  Pre-pandemic, dogs could be met at adoption days, but you still had to be approved to adopt from an adoption day.

Q:  How can I adopt a specific dog?

A:  You must submit an adoption application and be approved to adopt.  You can do that under Adopt – you can also learn about the adoption process there..  It will take about two weeks for an adoption coordinator to get in touch with you.  Please keep in mind that dogs that are available now may be adopted in the meantime.  But we are always getting new dogs.   You can see them on our website.

Q:  Can I add another dog to the list on my application?

A:  We don’t hold you to the dogs you listed on your application.  It gives us an idea of what you are looking for.  Plus it will let us know if someone is interested in one of our special needs / hard to place dogs.

Q:  I indicated that I was interested in a specific dog on my application, but I see that s/he has been adopted.  What happened?

A:  We do not hold dogs.  Applicants in the queue before you are being approved and may adopt the dog you are interested in before you are approved.  But we are always getting new dogs in and your adoption coordinator will help you find the perfect match.


  • Name:   Buck
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Large
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