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Meet Poppi
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 5-6 Years
Estimated Weight: 30 Pounds (needs to lose a few more pounds)

NOTE: History of hip dysplasia that may require medication/treatment (losing weight is helping)

UPDATE – 8 NOVEMBER 2020: After almost a month, Poppi seems to have settled in well with us. Follow his adventures on Instagram.

We are learning more and more about his personality daily. Overall, Poppi is still the happy-go-lucky pup we’ve grown to love. Everyone says he’s so lovely! In our weeks together, we’ve learned that he prefers not to be disturbed. He also doesn’t like to be bothered when chewing his bones. Poppi typically walks well. Some days, he wants to spend time sniffing. He is a very serious hunter. He’ll let you know when he’s found a scent. He’s not a big fan of rainy days. However, we did find that he was willing to walk on a rainy day if we went to the park instead of walking in the neighborhood.

Poppi also has an ongoing ear infection and had a recent follow up at the vet. After some mediation changes, it seems to be much improved. We see the vet again this coming week. Poppi was easy going at the vet, and the staff loved having him! Poppi is very tolerant when he gets his ears cleaned and medications. He’s also ok with having his teeth brushed. We started working on some basic commands for obedience training. We have mastered sit, so we’ll move onto other commands. As mentioned in earlier posts, Poppi is a fan of food. He gets excited when we are cooking and is quite curious when eating at the table. We are happy to say that he is open to eating more veggies with his meals. He likes cooked cauliflower and carrots. We are working diligently to get his weight off. He’s trending in the right direction but has a bit to go.

Poppi has met a new friend Blue, and they have become fast friends. They play and go on walks together frequently. Poppi continues to do well with other dogs on the leash. He rarely barks at other dogs. We think that Poppi would get along just fine living in a multi-dog home. He’s usually pretty relaxed and quiet during the day but does like to play on occasion. He will howl when he gets excited or anxious.

We haven’t had much interaction with children, but so far, Poppi has been very gentle with people, and think he would do fine in a home with kids as long as they give him space for toys and food. We are still working on his separation anxiety when people leave the house. It seems to be improving, but we are still learning his demeanor.

UPDATE – 23 OCTOBER 2020: Poppi has been with us for almost two weeks. During this time, we’ve learned a lot about him, but our first impression still stands! He’s just a great guy! He’s a happy-go-lucky, gentle pup that wants to be part of the family.

Health update: Earlier this week, Poppi visited the vet for a right ear infection and some gait issues. It was noted that he was in his feet and his front right leg joint. He’s now on pain medication and getting his feet cleaned daily to help with inflammation. The vet said he was an excellent patient! We are taking it easy with his walks for the time being. We’ll return for a follow-up visit next week. It’s important to know that Poppi has some medical history (hip dysplasia and several dental extractions) and will need a family who is willing and financially able to stay on top of his medical and preventative care.

We are happy to report that his diet and exercise regimen has been paying off. He’s lost enough weight to downsize to a smaller harness. We are delighted with his progress and will continue to help him lose his excess weight.
Poppi does exhibit separation anxiety (a common beagle issue). It doesn’t happen all the time, but something to note. It seems to improve once he’s exercised and tired. We anticipate that he might initially be upset when he gets his forever home but will acclimate in no time once he’s settled.

Poppi is typically pretty laid back throughout the day as long as he is taken outside regularly and rarely makes any noise in the house. He’s been getting daily walks in the neighborhood and at the local parks. At times, he’ll have a burst of energy and wants to play with other dogs or run in circles. He’s great at playing with other dogs (both big and small) and also does well during meet and greets on the leash. He loves to roll around in the grass. He likes to army crawl as well. It’s adorable. Poppi would be a great addition to anyone’s home!

UPDATE – 15 OCTOBER 2020: What else can we say and add about Poppi? After three full days with us, the little guy is settling in. As noted, he has been on a strict diet and has been getting daily exercise in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We hope to have his weight down in a few weeks. Poppi’s looks may be deceiving, but underneath is an athlete. He loves to walk and loves to be outdoors to sniff – as most beagles do. We do not see real mobility issues so far.

It would be recommended to any potential adoptee that Poppi gets at least an hour plus (maybe two or more) worth of exercise daily. He is a ball of energy and can be quite vocal at times; however, we have found having Poppi outdoors to walk and experience life is a great benefit to him – and us. After exercise, he sleeps it off and is calm. From all appearances, Poppi is more of an outdoor beagle than a lapdog. Note: He has grown to love our sofa!

Poppi also loves the kitchen. He is quite aware of what is going on and will serve as an audience during meal prep. Don’t worry, though, at least with us he has been polite but will watch and tilt his head as you stand there! Poppi will make noise when he desires food but has not shown severe aggression with us yet.

He currently has an ongoing ear infection and has had a history of them based on his vet paperwork. However, Poppi is okay with having his ears cleaned, and we have not had any issues with it. He will be seeing a vet next week to address it. For any potential adoptee, this will probably be an issue with him throughout his life and will need his ears cleaned frequently. Poppi is also on a joint supplement right now. He is also licking his paw, so that will be addressed as well on his vet visit.

As noted in a previous write-up, he is very well socialized and gets along with most – if not all, dogs. We are not sure about how well he gets along with children; however, it is suggested that Poppi not go to a family with young children.

UPDATE – 12 OCTOBER 2020 (first impressions from foster mom): Poppi came into our home over the weekend on Saturday night. Right away, we were impressed by his disposition when we met him in Rockville. He was calm and just wanted to sniff! He rode well in the car on the drive home. Upon arrival, he made himself at home. After getting used to his new home, he received a bath, an ear cleaning, and a nail trim. He was calm the whole time! What a trooper! He didn’t like the drying off process! He crawled around to dry himself off on the carpet. It was very cute. We made a bed for him, and he was right at home for the night.

Poppi has had some recent weight fluctuation. We estimate that he’s ~33 pounds, so he is on a strict diet and exercise regimen. So far, we’ve seen no issues with food aggression. We put his bowl down and he’s fine. We did try some carrots and green beans, but he wasn’t a fan. We’ll keep trying for some extra veggies! He loves to be a supervisor in the kitchen when preparing food.

Despite his size, he has lots of energy, and after a long walk, he’s ready for a nap. One first full day with us, he walked almost three miles at the park and did well meeting other dogs. He then walked another 1.5 miles in the afternoon before the rain came in. He has a fabulous nose and loves to follow smells. He takes his hunting job very seriously with his tail wagging the whole time.

Overall, Poppi has been a pleasure. He comes when we call him and follows us through the house. He loves to be petted and rolls over to have his belly rubbed. Attached are a few of his first photos. Hoping to get some glamour shots soon once the sun comes out.

UPDATE – 10 OCTOBER 2020: Poppi is now back in a foster home! This nice boy needs a second chance at adoption, so we are excited to see how he does now that he is back in a home.

UPDATE – 4 OCTOBER 2020: We thought Poppi had found his forever home back in August, but he was returned to BREW when he seemed to show some resource guarding issues that concerned the new owners. We took Poppi back, and he has been living at our kennels for a couple of month. He has been kenneled with a variety of dogs and gets along great, even with the grumpiest of dogs. Since he has a history of food aggression, he would do best with an experienced owner who will give him the space he may need when eating or playing with toys. He allows humans to love on him, clean out his ears, etc – no aggression. We’re not sure what happened at his new home, but we think Poppi deserves another chance. Are you the family to give this boy a home?

UPDATE – 22 JULY 2020 (from his previous foster mom before being adopted the first time): Poppi, or Big Papi as we call him, has brought as much fun to his foster family as David Ortiz brought to the Red Sox. Poppi is housebroken, courteous, and only asks that you pat him and give him scritchies for days! Poppi decided that one of the resident beagles was going to be his friend, even though he growled at him, Poppi showed him such relentless goodwill that they are now inseparable. Poppi has a bark like a shy seal but a super howl when he misses you. He can stay in the crate if you wish but we have found no need for him to go in except to test how he will behave. He poops and pees on the leash, and is very efficient at getting his business done, no “be vewy, vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!” Any lucky person who adopts Poppi will be the happiest person ever!

UPDATE  19 JULY 2020: Poppi is now in a foster home, so stay tuned as we learn more about this happy boy!

UPDATE – 16 JULY 2020: Poppi has been doing very well at the kennels. He hasn’t had any food aggression issues and seems to be a very happy boy. He does well with people and other dogs. Poppi is a chunky boy, so he needs to lose some weight.

NEW – 17 JUNE 2020:  Poppi is a sweet beagle boy who came to BREW from Stafford County, Virginia. He is very friendly around people, but he was apparently given up because he has some food aggression issues. Therefore, he would do best with an experienced owner who could work with him on this. He also needs a home without any young children. Poppi just went to our kennels today, so we will see how he does around all the other kennel dogs. We will learn more about Poppi with time.


  • Name:   Poppi
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Mature (6-9)
  • Size:   Medium
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