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Meet Shiloh
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 2 Years
Estimated Weight: 21 Pounds

NOTE: Needs at least one friendly dog in the home, no children, and a very secure fenced back yard. Owner needs to be good with timid/fearful dogs. Does best with women. The home and surrounding area must be quiet.

UPDATE – 23 JANUARY 2021: We took Shiloh “off the market” for a month to evaluate her further. She absolutely loves her foster moms and the other pups in the home. She is a snuggler! In the right environment, Shiloh is the sweetest girl ever! The key here is “the right environment.” After further evaluation, here is summary of what the foster family believes Shiloh needs from her new owners:

-Patience and understanding. Shiloh is not going to be overcome with joy to meet you! When Shiloh first meets strangers, she is confused and scared, but she is a very resilient and sweet girl. She won’t come to you right away– you need to give her space to come to you on her own. This will take time. Do not try to grab her or back her into a corner. Once she sees she can trust you, you will have a loving and affectionate cuddle buddy who won’t turn down an invite to snuggle.
-At least one other dog-friendly dog in the home. She loves other dogs and will take cues from them as well as seek out comfort from them. She is likely to attach to the dogs first before she becomes comfortable with new humans.
-No kids – Shiloh doesn’t like loud noises, sudden movements or being picked up. Plus, because of her history of biting out of fear– even if your kids are respectful, their friends might not be so.
-Shiloh is likely to take longer to come around to men. It has taken 2 months to start to come around to our dog sitter, who is a man. This may be because his visits are short and infrequent (1-2 times per week).  If there is a man in the home, he must understand that Shiloh may not warm up to him. He will need to be patient, gentle and give her enough space and time to work up to being comfortable around him.
-Quiet home. No city living.
-Secure, fenced yard that is large enough to run around/play as well as potty off leash– she won’t want to go for a walk with you right away until she learns to trust you.
-Crated when she will be home alone– she has puppy-like tendencies and will chew up things like shoes, papers, books, wires.
-A box full of toys that she can spread all over your house :)

Getting to know Shiloh, earning her trust and falling in love with her has been a rewarding experience for us. A transition to a new home will be hard for all of us, but we are confident that Shiloh can be the loving, snuggly pup we have come to know IF she is in the right environment.

UPDATE – 22 DECEMBER 2020: We thought Shiloh had found her forever home, but it turns out she is very fearful of some new environments and needed to come back to BREW when she snapped at her new owner. We need to do some further evaluation before offering her up for adoption again.

UPDATE – 8 DECEMBER 2020: Shiloh continues to love life in our pack. She has discovered how fun it is to completely empty an entire milk crate of squeaky toys all over the living room! It is big excitement to shove her face down deep into the toys to pull out the next one. Sometimes she makes a stockpile in a dog bed or the bean bag, and other times they’re just strewn about! It is quite a sight to see!

Shiloh has been practicing her leash walking skills and getting better with each walk. Getting the harness on is still quite scary for her. Once we get out of the house and halfway down the driveway her tail is up and she is happy to explore with the others. A fenced yard would be good for her since this is still a developing skill. She is still pretty quiet as far as beagles go. We have heard her bark twice outside when it was something really worth making a peep. Shiloh will join in with the others when a siren goes by to round out our hound symphony. She stands poised as she howls to the sky and it is so adorable.

Shiloh likes to hang with Howie the foxhound and they curl up together and groom one another (see video, Shiloh and Howie). She runs to him for comfort when scary things happen… like when she got an accidental static shock from my clothing to her nose. Howie was there to comfort her. It still seems evident that Shiloh should have a second friendly dog in the home.

Toddlers would be scary to her because she is still nervous about being approached and loud voices. When scared, she shivers or melts down to the ground and shows submission. She would likely be stressed out by very young children. Kids who have demonstrated that they can respect boundaries and give her space when nervous would likely be okay and should be discussed if interested.

Shiloh has met a few new people but with the pandemic this is obviously difficult to practice with her. She is cautious with new people but if they crouch down and hold a hand out she will creep up and take a few pets. She might even give a tiny puppy kiss. She is warming up nicely to our dog handler that comes midday when we have a long workday.

I love waking up to Shiloh. When she sees me starting to stir, she gets up into the bed and nuzzles and kisses all over my face. I can’t wait for her new home to experience such a lovely and warm morning greeting as it is what I will probably miss the most about her.

UPDATE – 24 NOVEMBER 2020 (from foster mom): Shiloh has been with us for a week and a few days now. She has come a long way from when we first got her (check out this video of her now greeting me when I come home from work: Shiloh  ). The first day she was very skittish, shook and really didn’t like the people to be walking around upright. Shiloh met the pack, 3 dogs and 2 cats and seemed relieved that there were other animals around. Even on the very first day when she saw the other dogs getting some affection, she would approach us and request attention by tapping us with her little paw. She loves a chin rub! Shiloh is a generally happy, sweet and submissive girl that would probably not do well in a household with small children. She gets scared when you reach over her, and still a bit nervous about having humans walk towards her. If Shiloh gets too nervous she might melt down to the ground, show her belly and lose the occasional drip or two of pee. If you don’t touch her when she does this and give her a little space, she is much less likely to dribble. She is respectful of the cats who are quite a bit bigger than her. Shiloh mostly just avoids them because she is a tiny bit scared of them.

She is a brave girl and challenges herself! For example, she REALLLLLY wanted to join the others on the couch but was too nervous to get up there…. She would put her front paws up but then get scared. She would run out of the room to go back to a dog bed in the kitchen (safe spot) and then run back to the living room to try again. She has now mastered the couch and loves it as much as any other pet! Stairs are out of the question for now!

Shiloh has discovered squeaky toys are the best. She will squeak it over and over as her favorite way to entertain herself. She is quite a young girl and loves to play. Shiloh plays chase with her foster siblings and also likes to snatch their toys and dash away. She even plays with the big 60lb foxhound by standing up on her back legs and boxing at his face. It is so funny to watch. Shiloh sleeps through the night in the dog beds on the floor of our bedroom at night. She doesn’t roam or get into trouble, just sleeps next to her foster siblings.

She is working on her leash training—it is very clear this is a totally new world and it will take time and patience. There are many milestones for timid dogs, and Shiloh is conquering them at a fast pace. She has only been on a few walks so far because we needed to wait until she felt more comfortable about walking so closely alongside those big upright humans. She trots along for a pretty good distance but then remembers she is attached to you by a leash and stops for a few minutes. She looks at the leash like it is kind of annoying. If we crouch down and encourage her with friendly words, she will get going again. We also use the other dogs to encourage her by bringing them closer to her. We walk her with a very secure harness with 2 straps fitted across her underside and a 6 ft leash she has some space. She will get there!!

Shiloh is doing very well with house training—not a single accident. We had one close call where she just started to squat and I called her name and said “let’s go outside!” She went right out and peed. She does not know how to ask to go out but usually does her business quickly when let into the yard.

She loves treats and chew sticks but FYI she will bury bones outside if given the chance. Shiloh became a lap dog after just a few days and drapes her body across us. If we crouch down, she comes army crawling over for affection. Shiloh is a super sweet girl that needs to be in a home that is on the quiet side, with at least one other friendly dog and a secure fenced yard.

UPDATE – 13 NOVEMBER 2020: Shiloh is now fully vetted and available for adoption. She will be going to a foster home soon.

NEW – 2 NOVEMBER 2020: Shiloh is a sweet and submissive little girl who was a stray from King George County in Virginia. Her temperament was described as wild and fearful and she would fear nip. She was terrified when she first came to the shelter and then to BREW. However, she is settling in well at the kennels now that she has some stability, is with other dogs, and is receiving consistent meals. She has come a long way and now loves getting affection from our kennel manager. When getting affection, she curls her ears and lifts her little paws – so cute! She is submissive and gets along great with other dogs. She will do best in a low key home with a kind and gentle hand, and she would do best in a home to help her with her self confidence. She will be available soon.


Q:  Can you tell me more about a specific dog?  Is s/he good with kids / housetrained / good with cats/ etc?

A:  What we know is in the write up.  Our knowledge about any dog that is not in a foster homes is limited.  Once approved, our adoption coordinators will work with you to match you with the right dog.

Q:  Can I meet a specific dog?

A:  We’re sorry, but you must be an approved adopter to meet our dogs.  Pre-pandemic, dogs could be met at adoption days, but you still had to be approved to adopt from an adoption day.

Q:  How can I adopt a specific dog?

A:  You must submit an adoption application and be approved to adopt.  You can do that under Adopt – you can also learn about the adoption process there..  It will take about two weeks for an adoption coordinator to get in touch with you.  Please keep in mind that dogs that are available now may be adopted in the meantime.  But we are always getting new dogs.   You can see them on our website.

Q:  Can I add another dog to the list on my application?

A:  We don’t hold you to the dogs you listed on your application.  It gives us an idea of what you are looking for.  Plus it will let us know if someone is interested in one of our special needs / hard to place dogs.

Q:  I indicated that I was interested in a specific dog on my application, but I see that s/he has been adopted.  What happened?

A:  We do not hold dogs.  Applicants in the queue before you are being approved and may adopt the dog you are interested in before you are approved.  But we are always getting new dogs in and your adoption coordinator will help you find the perfect match.


  • Name:   Shiloh
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Medium
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