Sundae (Sunny) – Adopted January 2021

Sundae (Sunny) – Adopted January 2021

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Meet Sundae (Sunny)
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 3-5 Years
Estimated Weight: 28 Pounds

NOTE: Needs to be in a home with another dog; No young children.

UPDATE – 15 JANUARY 2021: We thought Sunny had found her forever home, but she was returned when the family was having trouble with her house training. We’re not completely sure what happened, but the home was busy with young children, and there was no other pup to help show Sunny the routines. The family tried their best, but they thought Sunny would do better in another environment. Sunny is now back with BREW and enjoying life in a new foster home (see video, Sunny). Here is an update from her new foster mom:

Sunny has been with us for a week and has been good as gold. Her name is perfect because she will light up your world! Sadly, she was returned to BREW due to difficulties with housetraining. We suspect that Sunny may have been peeing in the house as a way to express her sadness that she was an only dog. She assimilated immediately into our large pack and has been playing non-stop since she arrived. She has not had a single accident! Sunny does the most adorable “bounce” when she is excited. She does this at the door when being let out, and especially at meal time. She is a quiet beagle, and doesn’t make a peep in her crate at night. A home with another dog is a must. A home without small children (under age 5) is also recommended.

NEW – 3 OCTOBER 2020 (from first foster home before adoption): Sweet Sundae joined our pack on August 16th and has now completed her heartworm treatments. Sundae (or as we nicknamed her, Sunny), was a trooper through all 3 treatments. She just has to complete her spay on October 21st, and she will be through with her vetting.

Sunny is a snuggly, gentle and friendly dog who enjoys meeting people, going for walks and cuddling on the couch for Netflix and chill time. She is very food motivated and her greatest excitement in life is meal time. She dances around and stomps her feet—you really can’t get it ready fast enough, no matter how hard you try.

Sunny currently lives with 3 dogs and 2 cats, but we don’t think she would mind if she was your only dog. It took her a few weeks to get used to all the other creatures and to understand where she fit into the pack. She was a little growly and confused at her new digs but over time has learned how to get along with the others. She used to go off and lie in a dog bed alone, but now she comes to sit with a human or seeks out the other dogs. She seems to enjoy their company more and more over time—especially outside while sunbathing. Sunny hasn’t quite learned to share toys and will still grumble at the others if she has one. Even though they ignore her, we put up the toys for right now since there are so many creatures to keep an eye on here. She doesn’t seem protective over her food/treats as they all scramble around stealing treats or crumbs from each other. We do feed everyone separately to avoid them stealing each other’s meals.

Sunny sleeps through the night in her crate without a fuss. She also is crated when we are at work. She prefers not to step on the wet grass in the mornings or to go out into the rain, so sometimes we have to pick her up from the concrete slab and set her in the grass so she will pee. She loves to sunbathe and hunt for salamanders in the yard. She will wander and sniff for so long out there and in true beagle fashion, she sends out an alert if she picks up a scent. Sunny LOVES a chin rub.

Sunny is working on her house training. We have only had pee accidents that seem to happen mostly when she has been on the higher doses of prednisone (from the heartworm treatments). High doses of prednisone caused increased thirst. She is currently tapering off of her last course of prednisone. During this time, she is not guzzling water and needing to pee all the time, so it is much better.

If you’re looking for a friendly greeting when you get home from a beautiful ticked beagle who has ears that are so big and floppy, an eager walking buddy, an ultimate couch snuggler and expert lizard hunter, then Sunny is your gal.

Sunny has to lay low for a few more weeks before strenuous activity/hiking or running around due to her recent heartworm treatments but after that she is good to go for adventures.




Q:  Can you tell me more about a specific dog?  Is s/he good with kids / housetrained / good with cats/ etc?

A:  What we know is in the write up.  Our knowledge about any dog that is not in a foster homes is limited.  Once approved, our adoption coordinators will work with you to match you with the right dog.

Q:  Can I meet a specific dog?

A:  We’re sorry, but you must be an approved adopter to meet our dogs.  Pre-pandemic, dogs could be met at adoption days, but you still had to be approved to adopt from an adoption day.

Q:  How can I adopt a specific dog?

A:  You must submit an adoption application and be approved to adopt.  You can do that under Adopt – you can also learn about the adoption process there..  It will take about two weeks for an adoption coordinator to get in touch with you.  Please keep in mind that dogs that are available now may be adopted in the meantime.  But we are always getting new dogs.   You can see them on our website.

Q:  Can I add another dog to the list on my application?

A:  We don’t hold you to the dogs you listed on your application.  It gives us an idea of what you are looking for.  Plus it will let us know if someone is interested in one of our special needs / hard to place dogs.

Q:  I indicated that I was interested in a specific dog on my application, but I see that s/he has been adopted.  What happened?

A:  We do not hold dogs.  Applicants in the queue before you are being approved and may adopt the dog you are interested in before you are approved.  But we are always getting new dogs in and your adoption coordinator will help you find the perfect match.


  • Name:   Sundae (Sunny)
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Medium
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