Tess – Adopted March 2021

Tess – Adopted March 2021

About Me

Meet Tess
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 2-3 Years
Estimated Weight: 29.5 Pounds

NOTE: Needs fenced back yard.

UPDATE – 25 FEBRUARY 2021 (from foster mom): Hi, Tess here to tell you what I am looking for in a forever home. But first a little background history. I was in training to be a hunter but failed as I had no recall. A nice lady adopted me but she got sick and could not leave her house so we stayed inside all the time. I put on a lot of weight. One day she had to go to the hospital and I needed a new home. BREW was contacted and now here I am. My foster mom has been busy helping me lose weight.

I require a fenced yard. I love love love being outside and will happily wander the yard sniffing all the blades of grass. I do not care about the weather. I guess you could say I am a postal beagle. Neither rain, sleet nor snow will keep me from sniffing the entire yard. Foster mom has to come out, put a leash on me and walk me inside for the night. Once inside I love snuggles on the sofa and sleeping at the foot of the bed. I love people attention and playing with the other dogs.

My weight loss is still ongoing. I started at 39 pounds.

UPDATE – 15 JANUARY 2021: Tess finished up her vetting and ended up weighing in at 39 pounds! She needs to lose about 10 pounds before she is ready for adoption. In the meantime, she is now in a foster home and getting used to a new diet!

NEW – 11 JANUARY 2021: Tess came to BREW when her owner became ill and was no longer able to care for her. She needs to lose weight, but she is very sweet, loves to cuddle, and loves to play and run. According to her previous owner, she has lots of energy and can be a little stubborn when it comes to housetraining. We’ll work on that. She will be heading to a foster home after she is seen by our vet and will be available for adoption once she is down to a healthier weight.


Q:  Can you tell me more about a specific dog?  Is s/he good with kids / housetrained / good with cats/ etc?

A:  What we know is in the write up.  Our knowledge about any dog that is not in a foster homes is limited.  Once approved, our adoption coordinators will work with you to match you with the right dog.

Q:  Can I meet a specific dog?

A:  We’re sorry, but you must be an approved adopter to meet our dogs.  Pre-pandemic, dogs could be met at adoption days, but you still had to be approved to adopt from an adoption day.

Q:  How can I adopt a specific dog?

A:  You must submit an adoption application and be approved to adopt.  You can do that under Adopt – you can also learn about the adoption process there..  It will take about two weeks for an adoption coordinator to get in touch with you.  Please keep in mind that dogs that are available now may be adopted in the meantime.  But we are always getting new dogs.   You can see them on our website.

Q:  Can I add another dog to the list on my application?

A:  We don’t hold you to the dogs you listed on your application.  It gives us an idea of what you are looking for.  Plus it will let us know if someone is interested in one of our special needs / hard to place dogs.

Q:  I indicated that I was interested in a specific dog on my application, but I see that s/he has been adopted.  What happened?

A:  We do not hold dogs.  Applicants in the queue before you are being approved and may adopt the dog you are interested in before you are approved.  But we are always getting new dogs in and your adoption coordinator will help you find the perfect match.


  • Name:   Tess
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Medium
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