Tracker – Adopted July 2020

Tracker – Adopted July 2020

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Meet Tracker
Status: Fostered
Estimated Age: 3 1/2 Years

Estimated Weight: 30 Pounds

UPDATE – 22 JUNE 2020: Tracker is such a sweet boy and is quickly learning what life in a loving home can be like after a life outdoors. His name Tracker suits him well as he always has his nose to the ground. He definitely still has his hunting instincts. His absolute favorite thing to do is to explore all the smells in the fenced backyard-rain or shine he loves to be outside exploring. He’s still working on his leash skills as he goes wherever his nose takes him, so a harness is a definite must. He can be nervous around new things especially when men approach him suddenly and he’ll cower back. But, he quickly warms up and hasn’t shown any aggression at all.

He loves all treats (what beagle doesn’t) and will gently take them from your hand. His nose is always going and he doesn’t quite understand why there are these amazing smells coming from the kitchen and he can’t have a bite of his humans food. He’s happy to help with chores like doing the dishes and doesn’t understand why you need a dishwasher when you have a beagle.

He’s a relatively quiet beagle. We rarely hear his voice even when other dogs bark at him, though he does snore. He sleeps quietly in his crate all night and will go in there on his own throughout the day too. He’s learning about toys and loves his stuffed carrot and gorilla. He’s still working on house training and learning that he doesn’t need to mark to stake his claim but is getting the hang of it. He has become more affectionate each day as he’s gotten comfortable and has decided that he loves to snuggle up on the couch right next to his humans.

Stay tuned as we’re learning more about this sweet boy everyday!

UPDATE – 17 JUNE 2020: Tracker went to a foster home, so let’s see how he does as he adjusts to living in a house for the first time.

UPDATE – 11 JUNE 2020: Tracker is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption.

NEW – 2 JUNE 2020: This very cute, stocky boy is named Tracker. Check out his stubby tail! He was surrendered by a hunter who said Tracker would not stay with the pack and killed a chicken. Tracker has lived outside all his life and was kept in a pen with another dog.  His prior owner said he would sometimes show some dominance when meeting other dogs, but that may not be a problem once he is neutered. Tracker was treated for heartworms a year ago but is now testing negative. He rode very quietly in a crate when he was transported to BREW. Tracker still needs to be neutered and seen by our vet, but he should be available soon for fostering or adoption.


  • Name:   Tracker
  • Breed:   Beagle
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   Adult (2-5)
  • Size:   Medium
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